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MedMassager Foot Massager [Product Review]


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The MedMassager is a super powerful, electric foot massager that is used to help stimulate circulation in the feet and legs.

It is advertised as a product that promotes healthy blood flow and eases pain associated with diabetes and neuropathy, and its touted as the most powerful electric foot massager available to the public.

If the MedMassager actually does what it claims, then its well worth the hefty price tag ($200+), especially for neuropathy sufferers.

But does it fulfill those promises? Let’s find out.

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MedMassager Product Description

When you land on the product page, the initial claim you’ll see is that the MedMassager has an 11-speed variable motor with speed options ranging from 1,000 to 3,700rpms. We love the fact that the controls are so granular that you can choose from 11 different speed settings, but how are we supposed to relate to “1,000 to 3,700rpms” in a foot massager? It’s an interesting way of describing the device. And I guess 3,700rpms sounds pretty powerful!

MedMassager RPM Range
This is a good RPM range for improving my foot circulation, right? Right??

The MedMassager was designed for “therapeutic and clinical use” and is now being made available for home use in the USA “without a license”. It is also certified by the FDA for therapeutic use.

We did some research on these claims and can’t find anything to support or contradict them. I’m curious to know what foot massagers you can’t use in your home unless you have a license. I’m also curious about which other foot massagers are certified by the FDA. We’ll have to save that for another day…

The MedMassager is used clinically to treat patients with severe circulation issues and pain resulting from diabetes and neuropathy. It is said to “stimulate local circulation, ease muscle tension and alleviate joint pain and swelling.” These are all great things for neuropathy sufferers.

MedMassager Stimulating Foot Circulation
Neuropathy sufferers know that stimulating foot circulation is key to relieving pain.

The product description also boasts of an ergonomic design helpful in achieving optimal comfort while using the device.

Last but not least is the 1-year full replacement against defects and failure, with an optional lifetime warranty through the manufacturer’s website. This is awesome, and shows that the company stands by their product. This is what you’d expect from a high priced item such as this.

How it Works

Crank it to 11
Turn it up to 11 and let’s get the blood flowing!

Essentially, the MedMassager acts as a high speed vibrator.

(You guys, I just realized why it has 11 speed settings…so you can crank it up to 11 when you’re feet are ready to rock!)

You set the unit on the floor, plug it in, and turn it on. Adjust the speed setting to the desired level and apply pressure on the ergonomic foot pad with your feet, shifting around until you find what feels best for you.

Also, at the top of the foot pad there is an arch bar, nice for rubbing the arch of your foot on and targeting other pressure points.

The ergonomic design will allow you to sit back in your chair and put your feet on the pad in a state of total relaxation.

MedMassager Kick Back & Relax

Benefits of Using the MedMassager

The main benefit of this powerful foot massager is that it can help with circulation in your feet and legs. That doesn’t mean that it’s only beneficial for those experiencing neuropathy, but that’s who the manufacturer is targeting.

Foot massages are helpful for all types of foot pain. However, if you’re looking for something to soothe aching feet after a long day of work, maybe explore a different model (like our favorite, the Belmint Shiatsu). This specific type of vibrating massage is designed to improve circulation.

Drawbacks of Using the MedMassager

The main drawback of the MedMassager is also the main benefit. It is a specialized type of massage (vibration) that is only desirable for certain people. As mentioned above, there are different types of foot massagers that may better suit your needs.

Reviews from Current MedMassager Owners

On Amazon, you’ll find that the MedMassager has an average 4.4 out of 5 star rating after 408 reviews (at the time of this writing). That means that people are happy with their purchase, and, for the most part, it is working as described by the manufacturer.

Many of the people who have reviewed this product suffer from neuropathy and claim that the massager is great at improving their circulation. There are also reviews stating how great it is at warming cold feet and relieving numbness due to poor circulation.

One of our favorite quotes from a customer review is, “I wasn’t quite prepared for the buzz my legs and feet would feel, but now I’m hooked and I LOVE the feeling of aliveness in my lower legs, feet and toes!”

MedMassager Aliveness Quote

“Aliveness” in the lower legs, feet and toes has to be a sensation many who buy this machine are craving. Awesome that it’s actually working!

Pros and Cons of the MedMassager


  • 11 speed options
  • Extremely powerful
  • Foot pad has an arch bar to target pressure points
  • FDA certified
  • Good for diabetics or others who suffer from neuropathy as it promotes circulation and relieves pain
  • Works on any type of flooring
  • One year defect and failure warranty


  • Heavy
  • Loud when in use
  • No heat, it uses vibration only
  • On the higher end in terms of price


MedMassager Feat of Engineering

Most people who’ve purchased this foot massager love it and report feeling and seeing improvements in their circulation and overall foot health. It is quickly becoming a popular treatment method among those suffering from neuropathy and other circulation inhibiting disorders.  We highly recommend the MedMassager. If it sounds like something that may be beneficial to you, give it a try and let us know what you think.

Get it now at Amazon.com
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