7 Best Foot spas for large feet: Buyers Guide (Updated 2020)

foot spa for large feet

When you are looking for Foot spas for large feet, there are various features that you look for in the product. The most important is the size and foot place to accommodate larger feet. You need a foot spa to make you relax and comfortable after getting tired of your hectic routine. You deserve a timeout and some relaxing massage continually. 

To become relaxed and relieved of all the burden and anxiety, you need a product which at the same time provides you ample space for large feet. And it is also the productive and efficient one in providing a professional massage at home. We have come up with the list of top-rated foot spas.

Without wasting any further time, let’s start our list.

You need a foot spa at home to make you feel relaxed and comfortable now and then after the long day. If you are doing a job in which you have to keep standing for some extended period, the MaxKare foot spa becomes your best friend to relieve your muscles’ stiffness and vanish the pain away from the sole and your soul.

There are thousands of products available in the market that offer all the features and benefits a good foot spa should provide. But when you need Foot spa for large feet, you need something extra from the product. 

MaxKare offers you the control to set water temperature in the spacious product to accommodate your larger feet. There are four pairs of massage rollers that provide massage to each foot. And you can remove them if you want. Jacuzzi, like bubbles and rollers, stimulate acupuncture points. 

Rhythmic vibration relieves your tight muscles and eases your fatigue.



⦁    Protection against the water overheated.
⦁    Approved by the FDA.
⦁    Helps reduces fatigue and swelling
⦁    Suitable for people who stand for a longer time
⦁    It loosens stiffness
⦁    Effectively eases tension and stress
⦁    It improves blood circulation and relaxes the feet
⦁    You don’t have to move your feet back and forth
⦁    It massages your whole foot.
⦁    You can increase the intensity of the rolling massage
⦁    Acnodes on rollers stimulate acupuncture points
⦁    Removable rollers if you want
⦁    Vibrations relieve tight muscles
⦁    24 months of service


⦁    No handle to lift the massage tub.
⦁    No wheels to roll the tub.

2. MaxKare 3-in-1

In the quest of a foot spa for large feet, if you are looking for a machine that imitates the Chinese massage techniques of squeezing and pushing with the extra features of kneading and rolling. When you are tired of your soul and need some professional massager to make you feel alive again, you need the MaxKare 3-in-1 to take care of your long and tired feet.

You get the option to control the temperature 95 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. There are four massage rollers to rub every inch of your foot to make them feel relaxed and comfortable. This product knows how and where to apply pressure to stimulate your pressure points on the soles.
These rollers take off the dead skin from your feet and help regenerate new and softer skin. These rollers can be removed if you only want the bubble bath for your feet. Jacuzzi, like bubbles, make your feet comfortable and enjoy a calming massage. You can also set the water temperature according to your choice.

If you are a fan of warm massage, give this product some time to reach the maximum temperature, and then put your feet in it for a soothing and relaxing experience.


  • It maintains the stability of the massager
  • The small removable case for Epson salts
  • FDA certification
  • Help relieve fatigue and stress
  • Relax you and soothe your mind
  • Helps you sleep well
  • It helps remove toxins from your body
  • The intensity of the rolling massage can be possible
  • Raised nodes on rollers
  • It stimulates acupuncture points on your soles
  • You can remove the rollers if you want
  • perfect for people with extra-large foot size
  • Rubber feet at the bottom
  • Massage tub holds its place


  • You need to move your feet back and forth to massage the whole foot
  • May not use the rollers to massage parts of your foot

3. Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager

Finding a Foot spa for large feet is not that much difficult as most people think. Finding a stylish, beautiful, and efficient spa can be tricky business. But when you buy Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager, you solve all your problems with the aesthetic product.

This product is stylish yet simple, with all the advanced features you find in other products. This massager can accommodate larger feet with ease. Hot massage helps make you sleep after a tiring day or when you are in tension or stress.

You can choose any of the three massage modes from the digital panel, which is easy to use and operate. A surprising feature of this product is that it doesn’t use water. Instead, it uses hot air to give you the perfect massaging experience and a comfortable spot for sore feet.

There is a removable cloth which you can wash whenever you want. This product is excellent for your health, air pressure, heat, and duration. Everything is under your control. There are no outstanding maintenance features required to operate and manage this product. With fewer efforts, you can get maximum out of this product.


⦁    Power massager
⦁    Power massage rollers
⦁    Easy maintenance
⦁    Great for health
⦁    Foot-controlled pad
⦁    removable washcloth
⦁    Stylish
⦁    Durable
⦁    three massage modes
⦁    Help relieve tension, fatigue, sore and aching feet.
⦁    Regenerate dead cells
⦁    Improve the vitality of skin at the bottom of your feet.
⦁    Improve blood circulation.
⦁    Set your massage duration


⦁   Not as Hot as some other machines available

4. Ivation Foot Spa

The list of foot spas is incomplete without adding this product. It accommodates larger feet with its spacious model easily. The Ivation foot spa is perfect for athlete and people who has to stand up during their job. There are two motorized massage rollers at precisely the spot, which, when appropriately rubbed, makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

When you keep standing for an extended time or do some exercise that involves your feet, your sole gets stiff, and skin gets tighten. You cannot feel comfortable until these areas are softened and rubbed adequately. The rollers are placed at that point that, with a little effort, you can massage your whole feet on them.

If you want the higher temperature to make your feet relaxed, this is just the right product to provide you with temperature up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Bubbles are always a relaxing agent when they crawl upon you in the water. The Jacuzzi like feeling makes you feel relaxed and comfortable during the massage.
Vibrating massage makes your aching muscles feel the power of soothing and comfort with the help of an easy to use console.


⦁    Power massager
⦁    Set water temperature
⦁    Power massage rollers.
⦁    Display duration.
⦁    Create bubbles.
⦁    Four non-slip feet on the bottom
⦁    Foots keeps it from moving when in use.
⦁    Three acupressure pedicure attachments.
⦁    Handle to lift and carry
⦁    Relieve sore and worn out feet.
⦁    Comforts aching heels, toes, arches, and ankles.
⦁    Great for athletes and people who work on their feet.
⦁    Improve blood circulation.
⦁    Reduced swelling, throbbing, and redness.


⦁    Roller massages one part of the foot at a time.
⦁    No mention of service support after the first 30-days.

5. Acevivi All in One

The Acevivi All in one is the powerhouse of features and characteristics in the list of foot spas. First of all, this foot bath massager provides you with a massage with the feel of scratching and kneading. The scratching removes the dead skin out of your soles and clears the room for healthy and fresh skin.

You get to choose a great range of temperatures from 95 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a rolling wheel stick with hundreds of tiny corns. These are responsible for stimulating the acupuncture points to make your blood pressure regulated, and body relaxed. When these sticks rub your feet, they make your tightened skin soften and relieved from pain and aching.

You can set the massage duration from 10 to 60 minutes with a timer and panel. The recommended massage time is a maximum of 30 minutes for getting a comfortable and soothing experience in this product. But on those accessional days when you are tired of the bones, you can enjoy the more extended massage and soothing comfort.


⦁   Power massager
⦁   Set water temperature
⦁   Power massage rollers
⦁   Pedicure stone
⦁   Tai chi rotating wheels
⦁   Set massage duration.
⦁   Power bubble generator
⦁   Red infrared disinfector.
⦁   Lockable universal wheels on the bottom
⦁   Handy drainage tube
⦁   Drain water with ease
⦁   Invisible handle to lift and carry the massager.
⦁   A removable dust-proof lid
⦁   Help relieve tension, fatigue, sore and aching feet.
⦁   Regenerate dead cells
⦁   Improve the vitality of skin at the bottom of your feet.
⦁   Improve blood circulation.
⦁   Set your massage duration
⦁   Motorized rolling wheel
⦁   Tai Chi Wheels for each foot


⦁    Only one roller for each foot
⦁    No mention of service support after the 30 days

6. MaxKare 3-in-1 16 Rollers

When you want a maximum number of rollers to make yourself relieved of pain and anxiety, the MaxKare 3in1 with 16 massage rollers is the only product to fulfill your expectations. The temperature and its setting is the most sought feature in the Foot spa. You get to choose from 95 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit for a warm and consoling heat spa.
You have a set of four rolling pairs for each foot. These rollers provide you the rubbing with acu-nodes. These nodes push and rub the pressure points which stimulate muscle relaxants in your body. And the best thing about these rollers is that y can remove them if you want. When you get a massage from these rollers regularly, your metabolism improves, and you feel more energetic every day.

You can choose the intensity of pressure by making a little effort. You just have to pressure your foot areas, which you want to have some deeper message. This applied pressure helps you attain maximized experience of soothing and comforting massage.

When crawling your body with the vibration, the tiny bubbles make your stiffed muscles relaxed, add to the beauty of this massaging experience.


⦁    High-frequency vibrating massage
⦁    Heat therapy + bubble massage
⦁    Three mode combination
⦁    Protection against the water getting overheated
⦁    Approved by the FDA
⦁    It Helps reduces fatigue and swelling.
⦁    Massager loosens stiffness
⦁    Effectively eases tension and stress.
⦁    Improves blood circulation and relaxes feet.
⦁    Four pair of rollers per foot
⦁    You don’t have to move your feet back and forth
⦁    Acu-nodes on rollers
⦁    Stimulate acupuncture points on your soles
⦁    Option to remove the rollers
⦁    Three operating modes
⦁    The manufacturer offers 24 months of service.


  • No handle to lift the massage tub.
  • No wheels to roll it

7. Arealer Bath Massager

Most of the foot spas for large feet miss the feature of grinding stone for your feet. Some people might say this is not the most charming feature. But this easy to use Arealer bath massager with no maintenance and all the features of top-rated spas is a charmer.

When you have patches of dead skin cells, they start making scares and open pores, which start to bleed if not appropriately handled. The rotating grinding stone is capable of removing these patches with ease and comfort. You get the dead skin removed with the method of deep massage on the heels and balls of your foot.

This product accommodates larger feet without any difficulty. You can have a deep and throbbing massage of your feet by merely making the foot move on the rollers. These moving rollers are designed to provide pressure on your acupuncture points. When these points are pushed, you get enhanced metabolism and a sense of comfort and relaxation all over your body.

Cleaning is not an issue when you are using the Arealer Bath Massager. There is a drainage hose that washes out all the dead skin and dirty water without any hassle. The red infrared light provides you the new cell generation with a fast pace and bacteria-free environment. The jacuzzi bubble and six-button console make it one of the best foot spa for large feet.


⦁   Power massager
⦁   Set water temperature
⦁   Drain plug
⦁   Helps you completely relax
⦁   Soothes your mind
⦁   Option to set your massage duration.
⦁   Motorized rollers for  a rolling massage on each foot
⦁   Raised nodes on rollers
⦁   Acupuncture points
⦁   Rotating grinding stone
⦁   Removes dead cells from your soles
⦁   Red infrared disinfector
⦁   Handle to help lift and move
⦁   12-month no-worry support.


⦁    No wheels at the bottom

Buyer's Guide to Foot Spa Massagers

The following are the product’s features and characteristics that you must not overlook while going on the hunt of Foot spas for large feet.


Foot spas are not of any use if they can’t provide intensity to the users. When there are motorized rollers, you cannot press them so hard. But manual rollers offer you the power to press them harder for deeper impact. Always choose this feature according to your demand and requirement.

Rollers - Number

The number of rollers affects the productivity of the massager. Suppose you are an athlete or the person who spends most of the time standing on his job. You need a massager which has four rollers for each foot. If you want a full foot massage without moving your foot, the enhanced number of rollers is the best choice for you.

Rollers - Type

Massage roller types are different in different products. Some products provide smooth edge rollers, which are helpful in simple massage without any deep acupuncture features. But when you need a deeper massage to remove the dead skin and provide the comfort form the anxiety, you need protrusions or acu-nodes, which give you just the professional massage for making your feet ach free and your body comfortable.


Bubbles provide you the Jacuzzi feel, which makes you feel comforting and soothing. These bubbles when crawl your body, you feel relaxed, and your mind gets into the state of ecstasy.

Wrapping up

When you are looking for foot spas for large feet, things become quite difficult. There are many features and characteristics that you need to look for in finding the right product. We have provided the list of top-rated products. When you want a foot spa, you must learn what you expect from the product. If you want a full foot massage without making any effort, you must choose a product that has more motorized rollers for each foot. The temperature vibration and bubbles are the extra features that always give you joy and comfort. Know about your requirements and then match them with the product. The product which gains the maximum score in your test is the right product for you.

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