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Brookstone Heated Aqua Jet Small IntroAlmost everyone enjoys having their feet bathed in warm water and massaged, but not everyone can afford to go to a professional spa and get this sort of foot treatment done on a regular basis.

Thankfully, there is an alternative to expensive day spas in the form of home foot spas!

In this review, we are going to be looking at the Brookstone Heated Aqua Jet home foot spa.

An excellent choice when it comes to home foot spas and one of our favorites here at FeetFeat.

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Brookstone Heated Aqua Jet Product Description

The Brookstone looks and operates like most other home foot spas. It has a wide basin to accommodate different sized feet. It has a control panel located directly at the top of the machine which allows you to quickly adjust the temperature and other settings on the fly. Inside the Brookstone, you will find 2 massaging rollers. Also, on top of the machine is a built-in pumice stone that can be detached after a session to clear away any dead skin.

How It Works

If you have ever used a home foot spa before, then you will have no issues using the Brookstone since it works like most other foot spas. Just lay the Brookstone down on a flat surface and plug it in. Start filling it with lukewarm water (for those who do not know, you should never fill a foot spa with cold water since it will take longer for the water to heat up). Once the basin is filled, simply put your feet in, turn on whatever settings that you want, and sit back and relax for the next 20 minutes.


  • Robust heating element that can quickly reach a maximum temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Comes with 2 rolling massagers attached inside the basin. Ideal for massaging the soles of your feet.
  • Large basin that can comfortably fit up to a men’s size 14.
  • Comes with additional pumice stone that can be attached to the basin or removed and used separately.
  • 2 powerful water jets designed to efficiently move the hot water around and to create a large number of soothing bubbles.

Benefits of Using The Brookstone Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider buying a Brookstone Aqua Jet. For starters, it has a very good heating element. With foot spas, the heating element is always hit or miss. Some heating elements do a good job of quickly heating up water and keeping it at a good temperature. Other heating elements quickly stop working and let the water get cold. Obviously, you want the water to remain warm throughout the entire soaking session, and to do that, you need a good heating element. Well, the Brookstone’s heating element is great! It quickly heats up water and it actually keeps the water at a warm temperature for the entire session.

The heating element alone makes this foot spa worth a purchase, but there are other benefits to using it. For example, the motor that powers the foot spa is very quiet. This makes it perfect for use in the home. You can hook it up in the living room and use it, and no one else in the room will be bothered by loud motor noises. This is also good for you because you can do things like read or watch television while soaking your feet, without being distracted by obnoxious motor noises.

The Brookstone is one of the more spacious foot spas out there. A lot of foot spas are uncomfortable for people with oversized feet. But, the Brookstone is spacious enough that it can easily accommodate people with up to size 14 feet (to be more specific, size 14 men’s). So, if you or someone you know has big feet, then the Brookstone is going to be one of the few foot spas out there that they can use comfortably.

Finally, let’s talk about the water jets in the Brookstone. There are only 2 jets but they do an amazing job of circulating the water around the basin. They also create a lot of bubbles in the process. The water circulation in this device is top-of-the-line when compared to other foot spas, and is one of the key selling points.

Downsides of Using This Foot Spa

Despite being a good machine overall, the Brookstone does have a few downsides. First off, the massage rollers do not really add that much to the experience. The Brookstone is good enough on its own to not need the massage rollers. (They can easily be removed, by the way.)

Another complaint would be that the Brookstone does not really allow you to add extra things to the basin. It is very common for people to add bath salts, vinegar, or tea tree oil to foot spas to make them even more relaxing. Well, the Brookstone’s manual warns against using anything but plain water, since it could potentially end up clogging the drainage system.

Customer Reviews

Judging by Amazon reviews, the Brookstone is quite popular with customers. It has close to 600 reviews and it has an average of 3.9 stars at the time of this writing. In general, customers seem to praise the strong heating element, the spacious basin, the water circulation, and many of the other things that we have mentioned in this review. The main complaints seem to be centered around the unnecessary massage rollers and the fact that you’re not supposed to add bath salts to the basin.

Who Should Get The Brookstone?

Anyone with chronic foot pain will benefit from the soothing power of the Brookstone. But, it can also be a godsend for those who get home every day with sore feet because of their work. Also, if you are just looking for a good way to relax every night, then the Brookstone can be a good option as well.


If you are looking to get a foot spa that gives you the best bang for your buck, then the Brookstone Aqua Jet is a good choice. For the price, you get a good quality machine with some nice features. It has a few downsides, but they are minor and they will not prevent you from enjoying the Brookstone.

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