Can children use foot spas? (Medical reasons and health benefits)

Contrary to a common belief, children do enjoy a quiet time. It doesn’t matter whether your child is a boisterous toddler or overwhelming pre-teen. There are always some moments when all of these little souls are tired and in need of some relaxing time.

When they had a long day in the park, school, or cycling in the neighborhood and get extremely tired. A foot massage or a foot spa is just what you can offer to the thriving tired souls to sit back, relax, and soothe their aching muscles.

We will discuss some of the most important medical reasons and some fascinating health benefits of foot spas for children later. But first, let’s know about giving a massage to your children.

To give a massage to your child’s feet, make sure that the kid is willing to have this massage at that time. Because if your kid is not willing, you will not get much out of this process. If you are doing the massage for the first time, try to associate some reward with the process.

Once you have given your children the beautiful experience next time, they will beg for you to do this. Once you have prepared your child for the massage after that, ensure the kid is lying in a comfortable position.Then take one foot in your hand and start the process as any other professional massager does so.

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medical and health benefits of foot spas for your children

Massage Away Moods

When your child is displaying a bad mood for more than hours, and you have tried everything you could to uplift the mood, now it’s time to get some help. The foot spa is medically proven to provide mood lift to your children and provide relaxation and comfort.

Because of a bad mood, your child is exerting pressure on the little mind. In return, this effort makes the muscles stiff, and the pain becomes unbearable to worsen the situation.

A foot spa will help your child get relieved from the muscle pain, and in return, the kid feels relaxed to have a light body to become a lively child once again. This method of uplifting mood is extremely positive, and it works every time.

Reduced ADD and ADHD symptoms

When your child has ADD and ADHD or showing some signs of hyperactivity or reduced on-task behavior, you are in desperate need of regular foot massage. When children remain hyperactive for some longer periods every day, they develop some signs of showing tiredness on the task and not focus on the work they are doing. 

Studies have proved that when you give regular foot spa treatment to the child there are decreased signs of hyperactivity all the time and increased focus on the tasks on hand. Regular massage also reduces the regular prescription medication needed.

Helps teenagers fighting psychiatric issues

The foot massage is not only beneficial for children in their pre-teens; it also shows remarkable results in teenagers. If your older children are suffering from some kind of issue, the regular foot massage would make them feel relaxed and provide them with the energy to make their lives better by fighting them with their issues through their positive energy.

The foot massage makes them feel relaxed, and it provides pressure to acupoints, which release relaxing hormones in the body. Regular massage helps people stay focused on their goals and don’t fall prey to negative energy, leading them to the psychological issue and forcing them towards oblivion.

Enhanced performance of athletic children

When your child takes part in sports or is a fan of exercise and physical activities, you are aware of your child’s pain after a long day. You would not want to put your child on medication at such a tender age. Muscle relaxants and pain killers regularly are not safe for the children.

A hot bath is not always a remedy from the pain of heels and burning shins. It would help if you had something extra. Something which provides relaxation to the aching muscles and naturally relaxing hormones to take the pain away.

When you give your athletic child or your cute little dare devil a regular foot spa massage, you give natural muscle relaxant and pain killer to kid for having a perfect sleep. When children enjoy a long good night’s sleep, they wake up full of energy and enthusiasm to break their records out there.

Increased Endorphins level

When you give your child foot massage through a foot spa, you are making the kid’s body release endorphin in the blood supply. This hormone is responsible for making the child feel happy and relaxed. The child feels a reduced level of pain in the muscles.

Various studies have revealed that when children get foot massage or treatment through a foot spa, they experience endorphins in their blood supply. The result is a great feeling of calmness and a significant decrease in the level of stress and anxiety.

Activation of the Cingulate cortex

A study was conducted by the researcher on understanding the brain areas which are associated with reward and pain control. They put some adults under MRI and give then hand massage and saved the results. After that, they gave foot massage to the adults and saved the results again. Later they studied the results and found out that the people who were given foot massage showed significant activation of these areas.

When these areas are activated and occasionally simulated even in children, researchers found an increased feeling of calm and decrease in reported stress. The foot massage has proven useful in modifying your body and brain’s response towards pain, stress, and anxiety.

Influences Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is stated as a stress hormone by the scientists and biologists. Adults are not the only victim of this hormone’s increased level because of their jobs and hectic routine. Your teenage children and high-school students are also a victim of this ferocious hormone. When children hit puberty, they have to suffer and enhanced the level of hormones in their bodies. And a slight demand or pressure on them at that level gives a significant spike in cortisol level, leading to stress and ending up in depression.
When your children go to high school in their late teens, they have to fight inside and outside with the norms and standards to earn acknowledgment. Or they fail to reach their desired level of acknowledgment or performance in any field; they bear an enhanced level of cortisol, which makes them stressed out all day long. When this stress remains there for some longer period, the ultimate result is depression.

Foot spas have been scientifically proven in decreasing the cortisol level in their body, which makes them feel relaxed and clear of negative thoughts. Then their clear mind makes them feel positive towards life and perform well in every field of their life.

Helps create association

When you give your children a foot massage, you take a special time for them out of your busy routine. When you take your children to the relaxing chair and sit down in a relaxing position, they feel special and have importance in your life. A foot massage makes them feel an increase in stress-relieving hormone and a decrease in cortisol. Then there begins the positive loop for the children where they start making associations with you.
When your children feel them special and realize that you take care of them, it increases the strength of your bond and relation with them. This association will keep you connected to the older age, and there will be a special connection between you regardless of the distance and time.

There is another association that takes place inside your children’s body, and that is the reaction and response towards pain. When a natural procedure is used to lessen the pain and stress hormone in their body, they feel stronger towards their life.

A decrease in Nausea and Vomiting

Some people might think that nausea and vomiting have nothing to do with the foot massage. But this is not the case. Researchers have found out in various studies that nausea mostly occurs because of the upset in the vagus nerve. Or the other cause is the motion sickness, which is started because of some upset in the inner ear.
There are different reasons which can cause the stimulation in these two body parts. Researchers have found out in various studies that when you get a foot massage, your body releases dopamine, which makes the vagus nerve more relaxed and comfortable. The receptors start to feel normal and make your body feel comfortable and relaxed.

For motion sickness, the foot massage is also helpful in making the child feel comfortable. The imbalance in the inner air makes people vomit or feel dehydrated. The enhanced level of hormones provides a more soothing effect on your children and a decrease in the severity of nausea and vomiting.

Foot Massage and Reflexology

The lymphatic system and blood circulatory system work together in the body to fight against diseases and secrete harmful liquids and chemicals away from the body. The foot spa helps the children regulate the blood pressure and provide enhanced performance in the lymphatic system.
The white blood cells, when reaching every part of their body, they get better immunity and safety from the disease. When you give your preschoolers regular foot massage, their school performance becomes more significant than their previous results.

An ancient technique

Feet have always been an important part of the human body. In ancient China for more than 2000 years, acupuncture has been a way of curing diseases and making people relieved of their stress and agonies. These techniques have also been used nowadays in various foot massage methods and procedures.

When you use an electric spa or foot massager, you get rollers that provide pressure on your feet’ exact places where there are acu-nodes present. These pressure points initiate the process of secreting various hormones in your body. The most important hormone is endorphin, which is responsible for making you happy and relieves your body’s tension and stress.

Wrapping up

Mothers all over the world start massaging their infants for swift growth and healthy life ahead. But as they grow up, they tend to create some minor problems like getting tired by over-exercise or riding a bike over the block. Some athlete children also find it unable to sleep at night because of the excessive pain in their bodies. When your children go to high school, stress and anxiety can lead them toward serious psychological issues. All of these problems can naturally be solved with the help of this miraculous device.

As we have discussed earlier, it is scientifically proven that a foot spa can make your children happy and stress-free by stimulating the body to release different hormones. These hormones make your child filled with positive energy to grapple with life head-on. No matter the age when you give your children a foot spa, one thing is guaranteed a sweet and sound good night’s sleep.

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