Farnsworth & Lloyd Foot Massager with Vibration [Product Reviews]

When your muscles start to ache with tension, you need an effective solution to give you relief. The Foot Massager with Vibration & IR Therapy from Farnsworth & Lloyd is a unique machine that can help with improving circulation and relieving pain. The last thing you want to do is choose the wrong massager, because it’s just a waste of your time and money. It is important that you learn about this product so you can make the right choice. There are loads of useful features that you’ll be sure to find interesting.

This product’s packaging consists of the foot massager itself, a power adapter, and user manual. The power adaptor has a long cord so that you can use it pretty much anywhere in the house. Most people don’t need the instructions because this machine is so simple, but it does include detailed instructions.

How it Works

This machine uses LED infrared and red light technology to soothe pain in the muscles, bones and nerves. It creates a soothing sensation that also increases circulation throughout the body. The massage is intense but not painful, which is why it’s so effective at relieving discomfort. It has a compact design that is ideal for storage when you are not using it. Although this machine uses modern technology, it is based on ancient time tested massage concepts and techniques. There are numerous traditional Chinese medicine concepts that were used in the design of this machine, which is why it’s so effective.


Some of the more noteworthy features of this massage machine include:

  • High-tech infrared therapy and red light therapy for maximum effectiveness.
  • Mechanically isolated vibrator for comprehensive therapeutic massages.
  • Based on concepts and principles of Chinese medicine.
  • Low-profile design that makes it ideal for storage when not in use.
  • Designed to treat all different areas of the body through the feet.

Benefits of Using

The most significant benefit of using this machine is that it can massage your entire body, treating pain in the bones, nerves, and deep tissue. The high-tech design of this massager makes it possible to get relief from pain in any part of your body through your feet. By simply placing your feet on the machine, you can feel the benefits in many other areas. The infrared light therapy design of this machine makes it extremely effective at relieving pain of all kinds. You can even get relief from pain caused by chronic conditions like neuropathy or sciatica. There is nothing better than a full body massage.

Downside of Using

One of the potential downsides of using this machine is that the vibration could be a bit stronger. Some people who have purchased this machine complain that they can’t feel the vibrations enough. There could also be more speed options to choose from, so it’s a bit limited. If you are looking for a fully customizable massage machine, you might want to get another one. There aren’t a lot of drawbacks to using this massager.

Customer Reviews

Not all massage machines have a lot of positive customer reviews, but this one certainly does. It’s fairly clear that there are a lot of people who really like this machine because of how well it works for them. Some reviewers discuss this machine’s infrared technology and how it works better than traditional rollers. A lot of the people who bought this product seemed genuinely surprised by how thorough it was in relieving pain all over their bodies.

Who Can/Should Use?

There really isn’t anyone who cannot potentially benefit from using this machine. If you suffer from chronic or acute pain problems, this massager will be able to make a difference in your comfort level to some degree. Not everyone gets the same results, but it tends to work well for most. People with neuropathy, diabetes or other conditions that are associated with poor circulation should use this machine.

This massager is very effective at increasing circulation almost immediately. Those who want to relieve the aches and pains of everyday life that come from working all day should also think about investing in this product.


When you are trying to decide on the right massage machine to get, you will need to take your time. The Farnsworth & Lloyd Foot Massager has a lot going for it, including its high-tech design. The infrared light therapy of this machine can work well in treating pain for almost anyone. Even those who suffer from severe pain should be able to get some amount of relief. There are a lot of impressive features that this machine offers, including full body massage. It’s pretty amazing that this machine can relieve pain throughout the body through the feet. There are lots of these products on the market, but this one is among the best for many reasons.

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