Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager [Product Review]

Homedics is a well-known brand name, and they have been making relaxation products for over three decades now. The FMS-270H model offers a relaxing shiatsu massage that you’ll be very grateful for at the end of each day. If you spend a lot of time on your feet every day like so many others, this massager is worth looking into. There are a lot of impressive features that will give you the kind of massage you need to relax.

When you open the box this product comes in, you will find the massager itself as well as a charging adapter and manual. The instructions for this manual couldn’t be any simpler, so you shouldn’t have any issues with getting started. This massage machine has a very straightforward design, so it doesn’t take long to figure out. The power adapter has a long cord that allows you to use it in just about any area of the house.

How does it Work?

Part of the beauty of this foot massager is that it has such a simple but effective design. It will give you a powerful shiatsu massage with its six rotational heads. Each head is designed to spin at the perfect angle and speed to relieve foot tension. There are also 18 massage nodes that are extremely effective at relieving foot pain. The machine itself is very small and compact, making it easy to transport when necessary. It has an automatic shutoff feature for safety and convenience as well. Part of what makes this massager unique is that it is made to simulate a genuine Japanese shiatsu massage.

Features of the Homedics FMS-270H

Some of the better features that this massager offers include:

  • Deep kneading shiatsu massage style for ultimate relaxation and relief.
  • 18 different massage nodes that work together for maximum effectiveness.
  • Soothing heat function.
  • Easy-to-use toe-touch control for convenience.
  • 6 rotational heads to enhance the overall massage experience.
  • Automatic shut off.

Benefits of Using

One of the biggest benefits associated with this massager is that it offers the experience of a genuine shiatsu massage. This means that you will get the benefits of an in-person foot massage from a machine that you can keep at home. The numerous rollers and massage nodes that this machine uses make it extremely effective at relieving tension in the feet. The pressure that this machine puts on your feet isn’t too overwhelming, so it feels just right. You will definitely be grateful for everything this massager offers at the end of a long day. Another huge benefit of this machine is that it‘s very simple and easy to use.

Downside of Using

While there aren’t a lot of downsides to using this massager, the heating function is a bit weak. Some people who have used this machine claim that they can barely feel the heat on their feet. There are also those who are particularly sensitive that get tickled by the rollers of this massager. Most of the people who have a problem with this massager are those who have particularly sensitive feet.

Customer Reviews

When you take the time to look up customer reviews for this product, it won’t take long to discover just how many people love it. A lot of these reviews talk about how this machine has helped to reduce their foot pain a lot. There are some negative comments about this product, such as its somewhat weak heating function. Many people who have bought this massager love the fact that it gives a genuine shiatsu massage. The general consensus among customers is that this massager works well and quickly.

Who Can/Should Use?

This particular massage machine is ideal for those who don’t have a severe or chronic foot condition. If you just want a way to relief minor tension in your foot, this product is a good investment. It works fairly well when it comes to helping most people get the relief they need. Anyone who needs help with severe foot pain should look to another machine. This massager is designed to be used by people of all feet sizes. This is the perfect massager for the casual user.


The HoMedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager doesn’t have any fancy bells or whistles, but it gets the job done. There are definitely superior models on the market, but this one is still worth considering. If you want a massager that will provide you with a way to reduce tension, this one is adequate. The user-friendly design and portability of this massager makes it a good choice for most. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line massage machine, there are better options. Overall, this product still has quite a bit to offer for the average person. There are quite a few nice features here, including the numerous settings.

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