Jelly Pedicure: What, How, & DIY

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If it were up to me, a jelly pedicure would involve a foot soak in a giant tub of Welch’s Grape Jelly, accompanied by an Adam’s Peanut Butter moisturizer, and topped off with a wheat bread foot scrub.

But I imagine I’m in the minority on that one. 🙂

An actual jelly pedicure is much more sophisticated than my sandwich-fixings-daydream.

It’s becoming more and more popular with salon owners and is a practical DIY pedicure method for all the home foot soakers out there.

It’s an awesome sensation for your feet and provides a little variety to your regular foot soaks.

In this article, we are going to look at exactly what jelly pedicures are, what the benefits are, and how you can do one at home.

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What is a Jelly Pedicure?

As the name suggests, a jelly pedicure involves soaking your feet for an extended period of time in a tub of jelly. Now, when we say jelly, we don’t mean the type you’d spread on your PB&J sandwich. The jelly used in a jelly pedicure is specifically made for that purpose and has more of a gelatinous texture to it.

If you want to see a jelly pedicure in action, watch this video by AvryBeauty, a company that sells their own home jelly pedicure packets.

A jelly pedicure is achieved by filling a foot spa (or other basin or bucket) with warm water — much like you would for any other foot spa product — and then dumping in the jelly mixture. The mixture comes in a small packet and pours out in a powder form. Spend a few moments mixing the powder in to the water, and you’ll start to see the jelly take shape.

Much like edible jelly comes in a variety of flavours, the jelly used in pedicures comes in a variety of colours and scents. The colours are mostly cosmetic and are used to signal what scent the jelly is. The scents are what you want to focus on. Picking a good scent is an important part of getting a good jelly pedicure (we will explain why in the next section).

What are the Benefits of a Jelly Pedicure?

Now that you have a good idea of what a jelly pedicure is, you may be wondering what benefits it has over other types of spa treatments.

Pick the perfect scent and bask in the aromatherapy!

One of the big benefits of a jelly pedicure is that it exfoliates the skin. Ingredients in the jelly work to open your pores, helping to get rid of toxins in the skin and make the skin softer. Plus, there are other ingredients in the jelly that work to make your skin softer and target dead skin cells, making them much easier to remove after the bath is over.

Another major benefit of jelly pedicures is that the jelly helps the water retain heat longer than it would in a normal foot bath. Have you ever you used a home foot spa and noticed that the water starts to cool after 15 or 20 minutes? It is a major issue and it makes it hard to enjoy a nice, relaxing foot bath because you are constantly worrying about keeping the water warm. Well, the jelly helps lock in heat, meaning you can soak your feet for much longer without having to reheat the water. This also helps the muscles in your feet and ankles. Hot water relaxes tense muscles, nerves, and promotes circulation. So by keeping the water warmer for longer, the jelly pedicure makes it easier for the muscles in your feet to relax.

Also, remember how we talked about the importance of scent? Scent is important because jelly pedicures also have an aromatherapy effect. Most mixtures that you put in your foot massager give off a scent, but jelly pedicure mixtures really give off strong scents and they are meant to. The scent helps you relax and enjoy the pedicure. So, obviously picking a scent you can enjoy is important because you will be smelling it throughout the pedicure.

Finally, jelly pedicures are just plain fun! It’s such a unique feeling submerging your feet in a tub of jelly. People love the feeling of moving their feet through jelly as opposed to just plain old water. It may sound odd, but trust us… it’s awesome!

What is Included in a Salon Jelly Pedicure?

A salon jelly pedicure is very similar to a regular salon pedicure, with one exception. The jelly!

Basically, what will happen is that the pedicurist will mix the jelly in the basin and then put your feet in. While your feet soak in the jelly, the pedicurist will rub some of the jelly along your ankles and legs to help exfoliate the skin in those areas. Once you’ve soaked for 20 to 30 minutes, your feet will be removed from the basin, the jelly will be dissolved and drained, and the pedicurist will go over the feet with a pumice stone to help remove the dead skin that has been softened by the jelly.

What is the Cost of a Salon Jelly Pedicure?

A jelly pedicure at a salon is going to range in price depending on your location and the salon in question, but in general, you are going to see prices around $50. This makes it more expensive than basic pedicure treatments, and that’s if a salon in your area even provides the service. Many do not have it as an option. If a salon near you doesn’t list it on their website, give them a call and see if they can accommodate you.

In terms of pure cost, it is much cheaper to do this treatment at home, especially if you plan on repeating the treatment multiple times.

What Supplies Do I Need to Perform a DIY Jelly Pedicure?

If a spa near you doesn’t offer the service, or you don’t feel like going out to the spa, you can easily do a jelly pedicure in your own home. There are only two things you’ll need:

Jelly for Pedicure Packets

You can get plenty of jelly pedicure packets on Amazon easily. A personal recommendation would be the jelly pedicure packets sold by AvryBeauty. They sell a wide variety of scents for you to choose from, including:

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For a single packet you are looking at around $3.00. If you want, you can buy in bulk and it is much cheaper. For $74.99 you can buy a bulk pack of 40, which works out to around $1.90 a packet.

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  • Cleanse and nourish your skin with an instant glow with Milk & Honey Jelly pedicure. The sweet and delicate aroma of Milk & Honey smells simply delicious!

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Foot Spa or Basin

Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa ReviewThe second item you’ll need is a foot spa (or basin, tub, bucket, or giant bowl) to perform the jelly pedicure in. If you already have a foot spa that has been cleared for Epsom Salt and/or other bath salt use, you should be perfectly fine using the jelly packets in it as well. All jelly pedicure packets come with an extra packet of “dilution mineral.” Once your pedicure is complete you dump the dilution mineral into the jelly water and mix it around. The solution acts quickly to dissolve the jelly. Once the jelly is dissolved you can just dump the water down the drain as per usual.

If you have concerns and don’t want to use your favorite foot spa, you can buy a tub like this dishpan basin on Amazon for super cheap. It’s a simple basin that you can mix the jelly into. It lets you give yourself a jelly pedicure without worrying about ruining your favorite foot spa. The only downside is that you’ll have to warm some water on the stove beforehand.

How Do I Perform a DIY Jelly Pedicure?

Performing your own DIY jelly pedicure is simple.

Step 1: Fill Your Foot Spa (or Basin)

Take the foot spa or basin you plan to use and fill it with hot water. If you are going the basin route, it’s a good idea to keep some extra hot water on the side just in case you need a bit more and don’t feel like tracking jelly everywhere as you walk to the sink or stove.

Step 2: Pour in the Jelly Pedicure Packet

Slowly pour in the jelly pedicure packet. Make sure you spread the packet’s contents evenly throughout the water. Then start mixing in the powder with your hands, a big spoon, or even your feet. The texture should quickly resemble what you see in the photo below.

Jelly Pedicure Featured Image

Step 3: Soak!

The fun part! Slide your feet into the jelly tub and enjoy. Close your eyes and let the warm jelly and soothing scents take you away! Your soak should last for ~20 minutes.

Step 4: Dissolve the Jelly

When you’re done soaking your feet, take them out and pour the dilution mineral packet on top of the jelly water. Again, make sure you spread it out evenly. Once the jelly is dissolved, add some more water to rinse and then simply dump it down the drain.


Whether you get it done at a salon or do it at home (our preferred method), a jelly pedicure is a pretty neat sensation. Its an enjoyable new way of relieving tension in your feet, exfoliating your skin, and basking in the wonderful aromatherapy scents! Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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