OSITO Foot Massager Machine

A good massage machine can help you feel better fast when your muscles start aching. These machines have grown in popularity over the years, and it’s easy to see why. The OSITO Foot Massager Machine offers a simple but effective solution for those who need to get relief from their pain. There are a lot of things to like about this product, and it is designed to promote good circulation. Many different people can benefit from using this machine, and you are most likely one of them.

  • OSITO Foot Massager Machine
  • Remote Control
  • 4 x Electrode silicone pads
  • 2 x Electrode wire
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual

How it Works

This EMS foot stimulator uses Electric Muscle Stimulation to increase circulation and relieve stiffness. One of the unique things about this machine is that it can affect the feet and the calves simultaneously. The EMS electrode pads relax other parts of the body, including the waist, legs, arms, shoulders, and neck. While only your feet are on the machine, it can treat muscle aches in many other areas effectively. There are 25 different massage modes and no vibrating whatsoever. This machine is incredibly unique for a number of reasons, but mostly because it doesn’t rely on vibrations like so many other products.


Some of the great features you will get with this massage machine include:

  • 25 unique massage modes for customized treatment.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • Infrared massage function.
  • A simple design that allows for easy use every time.
  • Designed for quiet use across all massage modes.
  • EMS electrode pads for complete body relaxation.
OSITO Foot Massager benefits

Benefits of Using

OSITO Foot Massager

You will quickly discover that there are lots of benefits to using this machine. This massager is designed to treat muscle aches and tension in almost every part of the body. All you have to do is put your feet on the machine and let it work its magic. If you suffer from problems with muscle soreness, this machine can work extremely well. The fact that you can get a full body massage while just sitting down is truly amazing. There are numerous massage options to choose from as well, so you won’t be limited. Even those who are very particular about their massages should be able to benefit from this machine.

Downside of Using

There are very few downsides to using this massage machine. Some people with very long feet might find it difficult to use this product though. If you have a foot size of over 12, this might not be the right massager for you. The power adapter for this machine is a little short, so you will need to sit somewhere close to an outlet. The fact that there are so few drawbacks to this machine is just a testament to how amazing it is.

Customer Reviews

There are quite a few customer reviews for this massage machine, and virtually all of them are positive. You might find the occasional minor complaint, but that’s about it. Everyone who buys this product seems to love everything about it. One of the more popular aspects of this machine is its full body coverage. The people who write these reviews simply cannot believe how well it works on areas all of their bodies. People also seem to like that this machine is very easy to use without any complicated settings to mess around with.

Who Can/Should Use?

Almost anyone will be able to use this massage machine, including those with sciatica, neuropathy and other chronic conditions. This machine can help improve one’s circulation, so it’s very well-suited to people with these kinds of problems. Anyone who experiences muscle tension and pain can potentially get the relief they need by using this machine. Those who work all day on their feet and need a nice long massage when they get home will find that this machine is a great investment.

Do Not Use This machine If

  • You have a pacemaker
  • you have deep vein thrombosis
  • Or if you are pregnant


The OSITO Foot Massager Machine is a wonderful machine for those who are tired of dealing with muscle aches and pain. Unlike so many other massagers on the market, this one does not use vibrations at all. Another extremely unique thing about this machine is that it massages the whole body but only requires direct contact with the feet. There really aren’t very many other products like this one on the market right now. This is a very highly rated massager with a lot to offer for most people. Those who have grown tired of trying to ignore their stiff and aching muscles should definitely look into this product right away because of how well it works.

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