Pedicure Cart Buying Guide (Updated 2020)

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Pedicure Cart Buying Guide Updated 2017

When shopping for a pedicure cart, it’s important to know the basic features offered and the different types and styles of carts so you can figure out exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re a salon owner, the right pedicure cart can make your life easier, serve an important purpose in your shop, and look great all at the same time.

It’s our goal that you come away with a better understanding of pedicure carts, and maybe even find the right model for you. Let’s get started!

Topics Covered in This Buying Guide:

Basic Pedicure Cart Features

There are a wide variety of pedicure carts available on the market and they come in all different shapes and sizes. That being said, they all share some basic features that, once you’ve thought through them, should allow you to narrow the field considerably and find the right pedicure cart for your situation. Let’s walk through those basic features one-by-one.


We’ll start with an easy one that could narrow your options from the start. How big is the space you’ve allotted for your pedicure cart? Measure the length, width, and height of said space and write those numbers down. If you plan on having a mobile cart (we’ll get to that momentarily), how wide are the openings you plan to move it through? Find the most limiting measurement and make a note that your pedicure cart will need to fit through there.


As we touched on above, many pedicure carts are mobile and have wheels attached to the base. This is so a technician can wheel them around the shop from client to client without having to get up during a pedicure. Consider whether you want a mobile cart that can roll through your shop (or home), or would you rather something stationary without wheels? And if it does have wheels, are they lockable so that the cart stays in place wherever you move it?


It’s a good practice to try and determine ahead of time how much storage space you’re going to need in your pedicure cart. Most carts have three drawers, while some have more and some have less. You can usually find dimensions of the drawers in the item listing, giving you a good idea of whether the things you want to store will fit. Make a note of any oversized items you are planning to store in the cart and make sure they’ll fit. A couple questions to consider: How many drawers does the pedicure cart have? How big are they? Do you need side pockets or any special storage requirements on the top, sides, or bottom? Do you have any oversized items you want to store?


This one is pretty straightforward, but it’s something to think about. The majority of pedicure carts are black, white, or silver (or some combination), but you can get them in many, many colors. Wood grain is also a popular choice. Think about what color will match well with your existing décor.


Material and color are closely related. It may be that the material you desire limits or dictates the color of your pedicure cart. Consider whether you want a cart made of metal, plastic, or wood. Think about what will match or go well with your current décor, and how you want the cart to feel. You will pay more for higher quality.


The last feature we want to bring to your attention is security. What we mean by that is, does the cart come with a lock and key allowing you to secure your supplies when not in use? This may or may not be a required feature for you. Just something to think about.

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Types of Pedicure Carts

Pedicure Trolley CartTrolley Cart

The trolley cart is the most common type of pedicure cart. Its called a trolley cart because it has wheels on the bottom and is highly mobile.

Features: Extremely Mobile, High Storage Capacity

Benefits: The main benefit of buying a pedicure trolley cart is the flexibility it gives you. You can store it in a corner or under a desk, and pull it out when you need it. You can move it from one pedicure station to the next with minimal effort, all while stashing your day-to-day pedicure tools and accessories.

Recommended For: Anyone looking to store pedicure supplies at home or in a salon. Anyone who wants a mobile solution for storing supplies.

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Stationary Pedicure CartStationary Cart

The stationary pedicure cart is similar to the trolley cart, only it doesn’t have wheels and stays in one place. Think of it more like a filing cabinet.

Features: High Storage Capacity, Locking Drawers

Benefits: Stationary pedicure carts usually have a larger storage capacity than trolley carts because they don’t have to account for being moved frequently. They also provide better security if you are storing valuable equipment in them because the drawers lock.

Recommended For: Someone who wants to store valuable and/or expensive equipment in their salon and has a designated space for a cart.

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Pedicure Stool CartPedicure Stool Cart

The pedicure stool is a small, portable ottoman-type piece of furniture that has minimal storage but doubles as a technician’s stool.

Features: Highly Mobile, Doubles as a Stool, Minimal Storage Capacity

Benefits: Can be a definite space-saver in a crowded salon. Easily transportable both inside and outside the shop.

Recommended For: Salon owners with minimal space. Technicians who only need a few items within arm’s reach for a pedicure. Mobile pedicure practitioners who need to travel with their stool and supplies.

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Pedicure Cart With FootrestPedicure Cart With Footrest

The pedicure cart with footrest is similar to the stool, but it also has a footrest so the technician can work on the client’s feet.

Features: Highly Mobile, Doubles as a Stool, Minimal Storage Capacity, Included Footrest

Benefits: Space-saver in a crowded salon. Easily transportable both inside and outside the shop. Gives your client a place to rest their foot while you perform the pedicure.

Recommended For: Salon owners with minimal space. Technicians who only need a few items within arm’s reach for a pedicure. Mobile pedicure practitioners who need to travel with their stool and supplies. Salon owners who do not already have footrests attached to their massage chairs or foot baths.

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Top 5 Pedicure Carts: Reviews & Comparisons

 Product NameTypeFeatures
Madison & Park Pedicure TrolleyMadison & Park Pedicure TrolleyTrolley-13-5/8"w x 18-5/8"h x 12-7/8"d
-Dark/Light Brown
-2 Drawers + Tray Top
-Swivel Casters + Side Handles
Dina Meri 2315 Pedicure Stool

Dina Meri 2315Stool-16"w x 18"h x 16"d
-Plastic & Padded Vinyl
-2 Trays & 2 Side Pockets
-Swivel Casters
Seville Classics 6-Drawer Organizer
Seville Classics 6-Drawer OrganizerTrolley-15.5"w X 38.5"h X 15.4"d
-Frosted White & Chrome
-Steel & Plastic
-6 Sliding Drawers
-Locking Swivel Casters
TrippNT 51086 Compact Locking Cart
TrippNT 51086Trolley-14"w x 29"h x 19"d
-10 Color Options
-HDPE & ABS Construction
-4 Sliding Drawers
-Heavy Duty Locking Casters
-Lock for all 4 Drawers
Dani Meri 2316 Pedicure Stool With Footrest

Dina Meri 2316Stool w/ Footrest-16"w x 18"h x 20"d
-Plastic & Padded Vinyl
-2 Trays & 2 Side Pockets
-Swivel Casters

1. Madison & Park Pedicure Trolley Cart – Best Pedicure Cart

Madison & Park Pedicure Trolley Cart SmallThe Madison & Park Pedicure Trolley Cart is our favorite here at FeetFeat because it combines exceptional form with practical function in a compact package. This cart is similar to a filing cabinet, but was designed specifically for holding pedicure equipment. It has two sliding drawers — one big and one small — for organizing and storing all your polishes, lotions, salts, and scrubs. The top surface acts as additional storage, or a place to set items down during a pedicure. The top has a removable divider and a small lip on all four sides to keep items from falling or sliding off. This trolley cart is very mobile, with swivel casters attached to the base and handles on either side to make for easy pushing, pulling, or picking up. A nice feature of this pedicure cart is that it is acetone resistant! Spilling nail polish/nail polish remover on or in this cart won’t damage it.

If we had to come up with a complaint about this cart, it would be that neither the wheels nor drawers have locks. We think these are minor issues. Locking wheels are more important on taller carts and carts that double as stools. Locking drawers are nice if you are storing expensive equipment, but that’s impractical in a cart of this size.

This cart is beautifully finished with a dark wood stain, complimented by a lighter wood finish on the top and inside the drawers. It has silver handles and black, covered casters. It really is a beautiful feat of engineering, well deserving of the #1 spot atop our list of pedicure carts! You can order this cart on Amazon.

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2. Dina Meri 2315 Pedicure Stool

Dina Meri 2315 Pedicure Stool SmallThe Dina Meri 2315 Pedicure Stool made our list of top pedicure carts because of it’s practicality. There isn’t a lot of room to maneuver in a salon, so saving space where you can is crucial. Combining two pieces of furniture into one while maintaining functionality is a great way around that problem. As far as pedicure carts go, this one is a little on the smaller side, so there isn’t a ton of storage. But, the storage you do get is convenient and practical, and easily accessed. The 2315 has two trays under a roll-up door for storing smaller items like files, polish, and toe separators. There are also two side pockets for storing taller items like bottles. Visually speaking, this is a sleek unit finished in black plastic, with a black, padded, vinyl seat on top. Hard to go wrong with black when trying to match existing décor.

The downside with this cart is in the casters. We would prefer a more heavy-duty wheel in a pedicure stool, and also one that locks. Don’t want to have to fight to stay in one spot. You could always replace the casters with a high-end model if these are a problem.

Overall this pedicure stool is a nice piece. It is practical, looks nice, and can save you space. If you are in the market for a combo pedicure cart/stool, check this one out on Amazon.

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3. Seville Classics 6-Drawer Organizer Trolley Cart

Seville Classics Pedicure Cart SmallIn the Seville Classics 6-Drawer Organizer, we have another trolley cart. This one, however, was not built specifically as a pedicure cart. But we think it can handle the job exceptionally well, and here’s why. For starters, the Seville has a ton of storage. There are six sliding drawers, each with a good amount of space (12.25″ x 13.75″ x 4″ deep). While you won’t be able to stand bottles up in this cart, you can easily lay them on their side. The drawers are frosted white, giving them a professional look while allowing you to see what’s inside so you don’t have to go hunting for accessories. The top surface is flat and can double as extra storage space for frequently used items. Visually, this pedicure cart is very attractive. The frame is chrome-plated steel, with black casters, and frosted white drawers (as mentioned above). The swivel casters do have locks on them so you can secure this cart in one place.

While the Seville may not look as slick as the Madison & Park Pedicure Cart, it has a lot more storage and is small enough that it can slide under a counter or tuck in to a corner when not in use. Not to mention the price on this cart is much lower than the others. We think the Seville is a great budget-friendly pedicure cart that would make a welcome addition to any salon. You can find the Seville on Amazon.

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4. TrippNT 51086 Trolley Cart

TrippNT 51086 Pedicure Trolley Cart SmallThe TrippNT 51086 Trolley Cart is the most expensive pedicure cart on our list, and for good reason. This thing is built like a tank. It is very well made, from the outer plastic construction, to the strong and sturdy drawer sliders, to the heavy-duty swivel casters. It has four sliding drawers for ample storage, and you can choose from 12 different colors to get something that matches your décor! You can also lock all four drawers with the turn of a key for added security. The casters are also substantial compared to what we typically see on pedicure carts.

One awesome feature about this high-quality TrippNT cart is that it comes with a “100% Total Replacement Lifetime Guarantee!” So while you’ll be paying more on the front end for this cart, you might end up saving yourself a lot of money down the road if you make a decision you’re not happy with.

If you’re in the market for a pedicure cart that’s going to last you a lifetime, you can’t go wrong with this TrippNT cart. It’s visually attractive, functionally superior, and you never have to worry about it breaking on you. You can find more details on this trolly cart at Amazon.

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5. Dina Meri 2316 Pedicure Stool With Footrest

Dina Meri 2316 Pedicure Stool With Footrest SmallThe Dina Meri 2316 Pedicure Stool With Footrest is the next model up from the 2315, and earlier addition to our list. This pedicure stool is identical to the 2315 in almost every way, except that it has an adjustable footrest attached to one end. If you’re working in a salon that doesn’t have pedicure chairs with built in footrests, this would be a practical alternative. Or, maybe you provide a mobile pedicure service and need to be able to travel with your stool and footrest. In which case, this would be a great cart for you!

The one downside with this stool is that it will tip if your client has their foot on the footrest and you stand up. There is not enough built-in weight in the stool to support a footrest in use. You have to remain seated while your client is using the footrest. A slight inconvenience but easy enough to deal with once you know.

We won’t go in to much more detail since we already discussed the bulk of this unit with our 2315 review above. If this pedicure cart with footrest interests you, you can check it out at Amazon.

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Finding the right pedicure cart should be a fun experience! If you go in knowing what you want, it should be easy to find just what you’re looking for. In addition to what we’ve shared above, there are many great carts to choose from, so find a pedicure cart with the features that work for you and enjoy it!

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