Simple Spectra Foot Massager Roller & Spiky Ball Therapy Set [Product Review]

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Everyone Simple Spectra Foot Massager Roller & Spiky Ball Therapy Setcan use some extra relaxation when they get home from work, and the Simple Spectra Foot Massager Roller & Spiky Ball Therapy Set has a lot to offer in that department.

This is an all-in-one manual foot massager kit that will help you to relieve foot pain through self-massaging.

When you don’t have anyone else to rub your feet, you can always rely on this set to help you out!

There are many foot massaging products on the market, but this one is unique in a number of ways.

Let’s get into it.

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What’s in the Box?

When you order this product you will get the foot roller, two spiky therapy balls, and a bag to put them all in. There is also an instruction booklet that you can use to get started with these devices.

How it Works

Each of the massage devices in this set works in much the same way, though they are a little different from each other. When you want to use the main roller, all you need to do is roll it back and forth with the bottom of your foot. The two soft spiky balls that are part of this set work the same way, but they are able to massage the deep tissues of the feet. They can more accurately pinpoint specific pain areas to provide added relief.

There is unfortunately just one roller bar, so you will only be able to use it on one foot at a time. You can use both of the spiky balls to massage both of your feet simultaneously, but some people have reported that doing so can be a little tricky.

These three separate massaging devices are designed to provide the user with relaxing massages with a soft yet firm pressure that hits all the right points in the foot. And of course you can choose how much pressure you want to put on these devices when you are using them.

Features of the Simple Spectra Foot Massager Roller & Spiky Ball Therapy Set

Some of the great features this product has to offer include:

  • 3 unique massage devices.
  • Compact design that allows for easy transportation.
  • Useful eBook for understanding how devices work.
  • Two spiky balls designed for every area of the body.
  • Made of non-toxic, non-PVC plastic.

Benefits of Using Simple Spectra Foot Massager Roller & Spiky Ball Therapy Set

Although there are a lot of benefits to using this foot massage roller kit, one of the best advantages it offers is versatility. While the foam roller is meant for just the feet, you can use the spiky balls on your hands, shoulders, legs, neck, back, and just about any other area you want to massage. Most foot massage sets don’t offer the same kind of versatility that this one does. There is also the fact that it works for so many different people, including those who have a particularly high arch. You can also use these devices with or without socks, which is nice.

Downsides of Using Simple Spectra Foot Massager Roller & Spiky Ball Therapy Set

There aren’t too many bad things that can be said about this foot massage roller set, except perhaps for the fact that these devices can slide a bit too much on non-carpeted flooring. If you have hardwood floors at home, you might find these devices to be a little tricky to use at first.

Customer Reviews

The reviews for the manual foot massager you buy are very important, and customers have nothing but good things to say about this one. A lot of the customer reviews that you will find for the Simple Spectra Foot Massager Roller & Spiky Ball Therapy Set talk about how it works equally well on all different parts of the body. Many of the people who have purchased this set also comment on how it has a nice portable and lightweight design that makes it easy to take anywhere. There are virtually no negative comments on this product, which is quite rare.

Who Can/Should Use?

Lots of different people can benefit from using this foot massager kit, including those who experience foot pain from a specific condition or just working for hours and hours. It is a great solution for people with Plantar Fasciitis and a number of other painful foot problems. Anyone who wants a quick and effective way of relaxing physically will find that this kit is a very appropriate purchase.


All in all, the Simple Spectra Foot Massager Roller & Spiky Ball Therapy Set is a great investment because of its versatility and effective overall design. One of the great things about these massage devices is that they can be used on just about any part of the body, so you can reduce tension and discomfort wherever you feel it. If you are currently looking for a comprehensive massager set that will really help you to relax, this one is the absolute best choice you have. It is priced very reasonably and offers a number of impressive features. When it comes to self-massaging at home, this product is truly a Feat of engineering.

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